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Organizer of free gun program to approach other neighborhoods

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A former mayoral candidate offering free shotguns to residents in high-crime areas is prepared to take the program to other parts of Tucson, if neighborhood leaders give him the cold shoulder.

Shaun McClusky is now a volunteer with the Armed Citizens Project.  Here in Tucson, the program would provide a free shotgun with the help of a local weapons retailer.  The program would require a background check and training.  The whole package would cost $400 per participating resident.

McClusky is making this offer to several Tucson neighborhoods including Midvale Park.  President of the Midvale Park Neighborhood Association does not like the idea.

"If we wanted to give out pitch forks and torches we can do that from the back of a truck," Miller said.  "We don't need to train anyone on how to go after the ogre  We can do that, but we're against vigilantes."

McClusky said he plans to post fliers throughout the Midvale Park neighborhood, and if no one is interested in participating in the program, he can move to other neighborhoods.  However he says he's received many emails and phone calls from residents, some if in Midvale Park.

"If we continue to receive them after we flier them then we will move forward," McClusky said.  "If not, by simple supply and demand, we will move to other neighborhoods. We've had numerous requests from all over Tucson."

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