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Katie Bolger apologizes in email

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The following letter is an apology email from Katie Bolger today, following the release of her arrest video.

CM Cunningham,

As you know, I was arrested on Friday March 22 for jaywalking. On Sunday morning, the 24th, I called Chief Villasenor to offer my apologies for my unprofessional conduct towards his officers. I relayed to the Chief that I have the utmost respect for him, not just in his official capacity, but also on an individual level. I have enjoyed a good working relationship with him in the past and hope the my poor judgement will not damage that moving forward.

He thanked me for the call and said he would relay the statement to his officers.

I did not wish to make my statement to the Chief public after it hit the press because, I felt that it would seem insincere after the fact.

(next line is blacked out)

If you feel that if it isi n the best interest of your office, please forward this e-mail to the appropriate parties.

Thank you,

Katie Bolger

Chief of Staff, Ward 2

Councilman Paul Cunningham

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