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Triplets enlist together

It was a day that three siblings will never forget. The day they enlisted to join the Arizona Air National Guard together.

But there's more, the Aubuchon siblings are triplets. Christopher, Andrew and Adrianna took a leap together to join the 162nd Fighter Wing. They were joined by Commander Mick McGuire who administered the oath to the triplets.

"I haven't seen triplets enlist on the same day, there attitude about service and the idea of their duty to serve is something that is very admirable," said Col. McGuire.

The journey for the three began several months ago. Chris and Andrew had their mind set on joining the military. "The idea about the military, get the discipline, the experience we decided to go in it together, at first my sister was kind of reluctant," said Chris Aubuchon. A few months later, after a talk with her father Adrianna was ready to join the boys.

They have each chosen their field. Chris is going into avionics, Andrew will be in the nondestructive inspection work center and Adrianna will go into the dental field.

"They are great kids, they have never ever been trouble makers, I think this is a great fit for them I am very proud," said Sylvia Aubuchon the triplets mother.

The triplets will graduate high school in May and then they will head to basic training for eight weeks. After basic, they will begin training in their field and make their way back to the 162nd.

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