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Burglars targeting homes near Starr Pass

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Police are investigating a series of residential break-ins on the city's west side: at least four cases in the same neighborhood near Starr Pass and Greasewood.

That's where we caught up with John Clark, a concerned resident who's sick of living in fear.

"The wash behind this one...that's where they're running."

John Clark is talking about the route a suspected burglar got away, after a neighbor across the street literally caught him in the act.

"So the owner came home, went into the house and the guy was actually prying off the TV from the wall," Clark says. 

A 20-something Hispanic man with a thin build ran away.

Another Hispanic male in an older-looking Jaguar, champagne in color, quickly drove away too.

To date, at least four houses in this subdivision have been burglarized over the last six weeks.

Nobody's been hurt so far.

Though that could very well change with every escalating case.

"Everybody feels the same way," Clark says.  "It's a really nervous time to live here because you don't know when you come home...if your house is broken into."

Increasingly-concerned neighbors are doing what they can to protect their homes.

Some are installing security systems.

Others are organizing neighborhood watch groups..

A few are even petitioning to make this a gated community.

Still, the bottom line is finding those who are responsible.

Even the local crossing guard is trying to do his part.

"I do watch the neighborhood," says TUSD crossing guard Robert Gomez. "I do keep an eye on suspicious people."

By all indications this is being done by the same group of people.

At least one suspect inside each house, another in that champagne-colored Jaguar that appears to be a 1996 or 1997 model year.

If separated, we're told, one suspect uses nearby Cholla Wash as a get-away.

If you ever witness this in progress, call 911 or 88-CRIME immediately.

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