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Pedicab ordinance passes in Scottsdale


Some said they were roaming, unchecked, but now, the city of Scottsdale has a law in the books that would regulate pedicabs. They're the bicycles or tricycles that take folks to and from bars and restaurants around the entertainment district.

It's a story we've been following for months. The wheels started moving on this ordinance when an accident seriously injured two Fiesta Bowl fans in January. A drunken driver allegedly slammed into them on Scottsdale Road.

Tuesday night, the city council approved the first ordinance on the books regulating them. According to the ordinance, pedicabs must be equipped with front lights, side, rear, and spoke reflectors, a braking system and a rearview mirror.

The ordinance sets the dimensions for the pedicabs and requires they stay in the bike lane on roads with a 35 mph or greater speed limit. Operators must also have insurance and a driver's license.

"Just an indication that you have a license means you're aware of the rules of the road and that you haven't done something might really inhibit us from wanting to have you on a pedicab," said Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane.

One pedicab company owner we talked to said the ordinance will bring legitimacy to the industry.

"It's a big conglomeration of all different kinds of transportation, and we're the only ones who have no regulation," said Ecocabs owner Jason Kolt. "It's about time."

A first offense will result in a $150 fine followed by a $300 fine for a second offense. The ordinance takes effect in 30 days.

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