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Apartments, businesses in Tucson required to carry a fire extinguisher

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

All apartment complexes and businesses in Tucson are now required to have fire extinguishers readily available.

The new requirement was put back in place because of state law.

"It scares me someone could've gotten hurt and also scares me the cost that could've been incurred," said Anne Diaz who manages the apartments.

Diaz says the extinguishers at Cambridge Village were just installed a week before a fire ripped through this patio. She now has an extinguisher for every six apartments.

A committee made up of firefighters and people in the community did away with the requirement a few years ago because of the cost burden it had on business owners to pay a private company to do the inspections every three months. But, the committee decided to re-instate the requirement this year.

Tucson Fire and Northwest Fire District have similar requirements and say they've proven to be successful.

"All of a sudden you've got a giant apartment complex being threatened for something that started very small," said Tucson Fire Captain, Barrett Baker. "So, if you know where that fire extinguisher is... time counts in this particular case."

Northwest Fire District Captain Adam Goldberg said, "I can't think of a single reason why anyone would be against putting them in. Even with the initial cost, one fire I think would take those nay sayers and prove them wrong."

Firefighters say extinguishers have helped save several recent fires in the Tucson area. Apartment managers and business owners are responsible for purchasing the extinguishers but if you want your own, they cost roughly $30.

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