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Your Week in Viral Videos: A top notch education, internet-style

(RNN) – For those who don't know Chris Hadfield, he might be the coolest astronaut alive today.

His quirky sense of humor and practical use of idle time – not to mention his mean skills on the guitar – give people a fun and personal look into what it's like living beyond the earth's atmosphere.

He found a unique way to answer an interesting question – what happens to your tears in space?

To all the elementary school science teachers reading this, you're welcome.

Flock of seagulls geese chickens

You just have to love kids… unless you're a certain mother in England. But anyway.

This little girl clearly was not paying attention when they covered farm animals during basic science, but that's OK. The payoff is one unbearably cute 30 seconds of life.

Long arm of the law

Is anyone else impressed that police officers can so calmly relay information to the dispatcher while they're driving at 90 miles per hour?

It's ironic that a driver trying to evade a motorcycle officer was originally tagged for traffic violations, but during the chase he was polite enough to make a full stop at a four-way crossing.

Kangaroos, lizards and cows… Oh, my!

So, this is the circle of life. Animals hunt or get hunted, and depending on how good they are, they live either short and painful or relatively long and prosperous lives.

Since technology has made it easier for humans to gather food, we're relegated to making fun of the eating habits of other species. Beyond this great sadness, there is also great humor.

Take a load off

Until now, the only thing adventurous about plopping down in a coffee shop was the possibility of an impromptu performance by a famous singer.

But when a chair comes to life while people are sitting on it, the java isn't the only thing that gets their heart rates up.


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