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Briggs and Bruschi break it down

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By Allison Herriot / Tucson News Now Intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Out of the thousands of football camps hosted around the country, when 15 former Wildcats turned pro gather on the same field to talk Xs and Os, I think it's fair to say you might learn something.

Chicago Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs hosted a football clinic at Tucson High School along with a group of other notable Zona players. 

It was the second annual Southwest All-Star Football Camp hosted by Briggs and Pueblo Magnet High School football coach, Adrian Koch. 

Players ranging from Pop Warner to high school were lined up an hour early ready to learn from the best.

"We had a great turnout last year and we had an even better turnout this year," Briggs said. 

There were over 350 players were in attendance. Each group had two NFL "coaches" to assist and encourage the players. Briggs said the goal of the camp is building skills fundamental to the game. The camp ran through activities such as ladder drills, core work, and form work in groups.

"No matter what you do, once your gear comes on and you get those touchdowns, those sacks and make all those big plays, it all comes down to what you do on the field today; what these kids are doing on the field today," Briggs said. 

All proceeds from the camp will go to charity.

"The smiles on all the kids faces, that's what makes it all worthwhile and that's why we're doing it.  We're here to give back and to teach a craft that, you know, we know so well," he said. 

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