Large bee hive removed from under Marana home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The calls continue to come in for bee removal specialists. This comes after an incident in downtown Tucson last week, involving aggressive bees.

Saturday morning, Tucson Police and Fire were called to the 6th Avenue underpass. TFD believes someone threw a rock at a bee hive, which angered the bees and they attacked several people, including a woman who had to be treated by paramedics.

Chris Brinton is a bee removal specialist. He received a call from a homeowner in Marana about a large bee hive. The homeowner saw a few bees two weeks ago in the backyard. He investigated and saw a large hive.

"One bit me, I started searching and I saw more and more. I went underneath and looked after that one bit m. I said I am not going down there anymore," said Robert Mendoza the homeowner.

Brinton and his partner Greg arrived and were instantly attacked by the bees. They found thousands of Africanized honey bees underneath the home. The bees had built a hive there that was pretty large.

"It's probably one of the biggest hives that you are going to actually see," said Brinton.

They began to take the honeycombs out, removing at least three bags full. Brinton was stung several times as he was trying to remove the bees.

"All it would have taken was one small thing to trigger those bees off. That's the hive size that can really do some damage and possibly kill someone," said Brinton.

The homeowner was thankful to have most of the bees gone. He will have to wait a week or even longer to make sure all the bees are completely gone.

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