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Spring Fling may move to campus, residents not pleased

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Spring Fling may move back to the University of Arizona campus, if student groups get their way.  The annual carnival is a fundraiser for various student groups.  Spring Fling has been an off-campus event since 2000, and right now it's hosted at Rillito Downs Park.  Efforts are now underway to move the event back to campus for the carnival's 40-year anniversary.

Student organizers also believe the carnival will be more successful if the event is brought to the students.

"You can't deny that you have close to10,000 students living on campus at the U of A," says Hannah Rosen with Associated Students of the University of Arizona.  "That could be really helpful if it was really close to their residents halls.  They can just walk outside, attend the carnival, spend the money.  So that would be really great for us."

Organizers believe the move will boost attendance, and mean big bucks for student programs.

Residents who live near the U of A have a different perspective.  The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association sent a letter to the Board of Regents opposing the event's possible move to campus.

In part, it reads:

"When Spring Fling was held on the Mall, for three days and nights the homes in this neighborhood were penetrated by the noise of machines generating the spinning, swaying and otherwise fast moving equipment that induced screams of pleasure and fright from the riders; chants enhanced by loudspeakers used by hawkers of carnival wares and events; loud recorded music accompanying the operation of carnival rides and congestion of our streets by cars and people from outside the neighborhood.

In essence, Spring Fling was a public nuisance when operated at its urban location on the Mall and this was recognized by the UA when the activity was moved to a rural location at Rillito Park several years ago."

University and student groups have already released policies and procedures documents to residents laying out measures to mitigate potential problems with a 2014 Spring Fling on campus.  Measures include turning off amplified music at 10 p.m., keeping large rides toward the center of the mall, and lining up tents along Campbell Road to create a noise barrier.

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