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Local fire expert sheds light on Boston bombings

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A local fire expert is shedding light on the type of bombs used and who may be responsible for the blasts.

The sheriff's department runs the regional bomb squad and says explosive experts are staying on top of developments out of Boston.

Tonight, a retired explosives officer is helping us understand that deadly incident.

David Smith was one of the first members of the Tucson Police Bomb Squad. He says images emerging from the Boston Marathon explosions are telling.

Smoke shooting upward with orange at the top points to a pipe bomb.

"Anything that will burn and cause pressure can go into a pipe bomb. I've seen cases in which thousands of match heads are placed inside of a pipe," he said.

Reports suggest the bombs were crude devices packed with ball bearings that shot ou with force.

"These would go right through a person, even with a pipe bomb," Smith said.

Smith further explains that the blasts being yards and just seconds apart may signal to a single culprit.

"Perhaps just one person involved walking down the street depositing, activating."

They're only educated guesses. Smith says the investigation may take many turns.

"It can change as the next piece of data comes in."

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