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Red Cross still needs blood donations

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Offers to help the victims, from the Boston Marathon explosions, are coming in from across the country. 

The American Red Cross has what it needs right now, but they are reminding people that disasters can strike anywhere. 

The Red Cross did provide blood to several hospitals in Boston after the bombings. 

While the supply there is good, the agency says they need to keep supplies up for other disasters.

They are encouraging people to make an appointment to donate blood.  Type O negative is typically used most during emergencies, so people with type O negative are asked to donate as often as they can.

Also the Red Cross is reminding people they offer first aid and CPR classes, and are encouraging people to sign up for these classes so they can lend a helping hand and possibly save a life in an emergency situation. 

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