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Bacon cotton candy, more at 202nd Pima County Fair

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Carnival rides, fried foods and farm animals are all part of the 202nd Pima County Fair on Houghton Road.

"I came to ride and the food and just to have fun," said fairgoer, Yahaira Olivas.

"[I] just to come have fun, like hangout with friends and stuff," visitor Brian Razcano said.

"We're here to have fun and have some fair-fixed fried sweets, ice creams, fried oreos, fried cheesecake and go on all the rides," Pam Pierce said.

"We came here to have fun," said 6-year-old Chase Pierce.

"I love the rides," Cody Clayborne said. "I love riding the rides. Always have. Always will.>

You can get your thrills on the midway--tons of rides for the thrill-seekers and the children. And if you love animals, there are all sorts of ways to get close to them; camel rides are new this year.

And, of course, there are concerts, which are included in the cost of admission.

Rides cost extra.

And then there are the shows. We went behind the scenes at the Wild About Monkeys Show.

"We try to show, even though baboons can be very aggressive, they're also very affectionate. They're probably the most social of all the monkeys and they do hug each other," says Wild About Monkeys Animal Trainer Kevin Keith.

Keith addresses Mickey, a 12-year old baboon in the show, going into their act.

"Hey. You think maybe I could have a hug. How about a hug."

Mickey hugs Keith who says, "Oh. That's sweet. Thank you very much."

Keith says, "They know what a hug is."

Keith asks Mickey for a kiss now. "How about a kiss, Mickey. How about a kiss."

Mickey refuses, putting his hands over his mouth.

"Really?" says Keith. "Give me a kiss. Come on. Give me a kiss."

Mickey turns his back on Keith.

"Oh," Keith says. "Wait a minute. That's not right. Savage!"

A lot of people come to see what's new at the fair. Well, new in all of Arizona: Bacon cotton candy. Actually, it's pretty good.

The fair runs through Sunday, April 28.

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