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Investigator working Celis case has 'promising lead'

Sunday marks one year since Isabel Celis vanished from her east-Tucson home Sunday marks one year since Isabel Celis vanished from her east-Tucson home
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The search goes on for a missing Tucson girl. Isabel Celis' family and friends are holding on to hope, one year after she disappeared.

They released 365 balloons on the one year mark Isabel Celis was discovered missing.

"It sucked," said Rebecca Celis. "There's no other word. I don't know what else."

Isabel's parents - Becky and Sergio - say it was difficult getting ready today as they reminisced on the heartbreaking memories from a year ago.

"I woke up to thinking of what I thought last year waking up almost in a hurry," said Sergio. "I thought we were going to be late to Isabel's game and rushing to her room and not seeing her there."

A special church service was held for Isabel. Isabel's parents read portions of the gospel and at times appeared deep in prayer.

The festivities continued just down the street at Peter Piper's Pizza. Isabel's older brother, Sergio Jr. handed out missing person flyers at the door.

Inside, they had arts and crafts and free fingerprinting. The same fingerprinting service that took Isabel's prints two years ago.

As much as Sunday was about keeping Isabel's faith alive. It's also a sad reminder it's already been one year and fewer tips are coming in.

"We still have to have hope they're doing the best they can," said Rebecca Celis.

Two private investigators are taking on the case. One from LA who Sergio's sister hired. Another from Phoenix.

Retired federal agent, Kelly Snyder has gone through around 30 leads but is working one right now that sounds promising.

"I want to find her extremely badly. But, you know, dealing with the family as much as we have in the last year, every time I'm with them I feel I need to go further and farther," said Kelly Snyder.

As the days go on, the Celis family holds on to hope and prayers that one day their little girl will be home safe and sound.

"It being a year or not being a year. We're still going to make sure we keep her face out there," said Rebecca.

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