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Arizonans flock to Denver for 420 tour


This weekend the first marijuana tourism company in the United States launched. It's called 420 Tours.

The Denver-based company caters to people who prefer smoking marijuana to drinking alcohol.

Its owners say it's not about coming up with one magical vacation that is perfect for everyone. Instead it allows pot to be a part of just about any getaway. That concept has a lot of Arizonans headed to the Mile High City.

In November voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 64. Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people packed into Denver's 420 Rally.

Matt Brown co-owns 420 Tours. He wasn't the only one looking forward to World Cannabis Week. Tours sold out.

"Clients from Arizona, Florida and Texas probably make up for a quarter of our total attendees," said Brown.

Guests are provided with transportation. A marijuana friendly hotel room, 420 happy hours and that's not all.

"They can be introduced to other locals. They can share product. They can sample all sorts of different types of product and they can do it without fear they are about to get arrested or have their vacation ruined. For us, it's all about having that adult open conversation with our guests and forgetting for a minute that marijuana is something that should be talked about in hushed tones," said Brown.

Brown says the average age of his client's around 40-years-old. The price of a 420 Tour starts at $500.

That doesn't include airfare or the hotel.

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