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No shortage of water for now, measures needed to keep it that way

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Colorado River is being called the most endangered river in the United States, and questions are coming up about what it means for water coming in to Southern Arizona.

Thankfully Tucson is not facing an imminent water shortage.  The Central Arizona Project canal will be blue and full for a while.  Local researchers say Southern Arizonans are facing a real challenge and crisis.

A group called American Rivers named the Colorado River the most endangered river in the country; they say it's because of the outdated water management, increased drought and overuse. 

The problem is, if the river dries up California has the first rights to the river. 

Tucson News Now spoke with the Water Resource Research Center at U of A about what it might mean for those in Southern Arizona. 

Faucets in homes will not be drying up, and there won't be an immediate change, but the researchers say it is a challenge many Southern Arizonans need to work on right away.

It will help to buy more efficient appliances at home, but the center says real change will come from responsible management. 

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