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Support of gun control laws slipping

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Support for tighter gun control seems to be slipping. 

A new look shows Americans are more divided than ever on the issue. 

Many have gathered in front of Senator McCain's Tucson office, to rally for tighter gun control. 

But for the first time in months, backing for a gun control bill slipped to below 50 percent.

A USA Today poll asked over 1,000 adults whether Congress should pass a new gun control law; 49 percent say yes, 45 percent say no and five percent say they don't know.

Those who support a bill want advocates in Congress not to compromise to a weaker version of the bill even if that complicates passing legislation.

Political experts say it is no surprise that Americans seem more divided on the issue; they say much of the support in the control debate is emotional following the Newtown school tragedy. 

They say the more time passes, the more people begin to think of other issues.

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