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Should the SUSD Superintendent leave, or stay?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Sunnyside Schools Superintendent defends his job here, after not getting one in Texas. 

Dr. Manuel Isquierdo is in hot water with some of the board members, employees and district parents.  This all comes from some personal issues brought to light just days ago. 

Last night at the district meeting, heated comments and responses lasted beyond an hour.  Dr. Isquierdo defended himself, saying graduation numbers have risen from 500 students to 800 during his time here. 

Just a few weeks ago Isquierdo appeared set to take the Superintendent of San Antonio job, but issues of personal foreclosures and unpaid parking tickets came up. 

He withdrew from that opening in Texas and some are saying he should withdraw from his seat now.

"He's always been looking for other jobs since he took this position," said Yolanda Herrera, a resident in the Sunnyside District.

Some are calling for Isquierdo to resign or be fired, but that could mean paying out the remaining year left on his contract, which could mean paying out up to $300,000. 

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