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Mariachi conference in Tucson

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The grand ballroom at the Casino del Sol Resort has transformed from a large meeting area to a classroom for over 500 students. The resort on the Westside is home to the 31st Annual International Mariachi Conference.

This is the first day of the conference which goes until Saturday. This first day is all about workshops for students. It gives the students a chance to learn and improve their skills as a mariachi musician. The ability level of the students range from a level 1 to masters. Level 1 students have been playing for at least a year, while the masters students have been playing for several years.

Many of the sessions were filled with students eager to learn something new. The number of participants shows the instructors that more students are interested in mariachi music. "I have to say, overall there's definitely an increase in those interested in mariachi and an increase in those being taught from a younger age up," said Alberto Ranjel an instructor at the conference.

For the students, it's a chance for them to learn from professional in the business. Esteban Dagino has been playing trumpet for 7 years. He's getting the chance to learn from Jose Hernandez, from the group Mariachi Sol de Mexico. "It's really amazing because I hear there cd and their albums, and I am like and I would like to become one of them and then having them teach me all my dreams coming true," said Dagino.

This is the second year that the conference is being held at Casino del Sol Resort. For many years it was held at the Tucson Convention Center.

For more information on the conference schedule, click the link below.

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