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Group protest airmen's transfer to D-M

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The family of Kimberly Hanks is concerned and outraged that Lt. Col James Wilkerson was transferred to work at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The family was joined by survivors of sexual assault and the group Protect Our Defenders. They held a protest across the street from D-M at the Irvington and Kolb gate.

Hanks accused Wilkerson of sexually assaulting her at his house party at a base in Italy, back in March of last year. Hanks a civilian employee had her case sent to a military court. The court convicted Wilkerson of sexual assault and he would have to spend a year in jail and be dismissed from the Air Force. That conviction was later overturned by Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin.

Wilkerson has now been transferred to D-M in Tucson. The same city where Hanks's mother and brother live. The move by the Air Force angered the family. "My involvement in this is strictly someone that is outraged that the fact, one of my family members was assaulted and then the person who assaults my sister gets moved here to Tucson where half of her family lives," said Dr. Stephen Hanks, the brother of the victim. Wilkerson began working at the base earlier this week. He is part of the 12th Air Force and will work as a flight safety officer.

The protestors calling for Wilkerson and Frankiln to be dismissed from the Air Force. They have a petition and so far they have about 35 hundred signatures. The goal is to get 10,000 and then hand them to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. To ask him to look into the case and have the two men removed from the Air Force. 

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