Rescued Husky finds a new home

One of more than 30 Siberian Huskies that were taken from an alleged puppy mill, has a new home. The dogs are at several different rescues trying to get healthy.

At the Pet Club at River and Oracle, they celebrated their customers. There were several vendors and groups on hand for the event. One of the groups celebrated the fact that Tara has a new home.

Tara is one of the many dogs that were found at the alleged puppy mill last month. The owner was cited in 2009 for neglect and the last 2 years, there were complaints about the dogs living in poor conditions. The Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption is one of the rescues that is taking care of 4 dogs. They also helped with Tara. The goal is to get all the dogs back to good health. "The great majority of these dogs however, require significant help and rehab, this process, depending on the dog can take 6 weeks, several months to a month or more," said Brooke Arispe from the Arizona Siberian Husky rescue and Adoption.

Serenity Dawes and her mom are the proud owners of Tara. They felt that she would make a great fit for the whole family.

To help or get more information on the dogs. You click the links below or call the rescue group.

Project Sanctuary 808-691-9168

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