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PCC chancellor candidate Lee Lambert meets board, public

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pima Community College will be hosting public forums all week where people can ask chancellor candidates questions about how they plan to lead the troubled institution.

For the first time tonight, we begin to hear from candidates for Pima Community College Chancellor.

We will introduce you to each of the four candidates this week as they hold separate public meetings and we are committed to keeping you up to date on the troubled college.

Tonight, Tucson News Now met Lee Lambert, who is currently the president of Shoreline Community College in Washington state.

He answered quite a few questions on how he would work with faculty and staff, and how he would reel in a board that no one seems to trust.

Lambert said he would not micro-manage; he would allow campus presidents to do their job.
As for dealing with a dysfunctional board, Lambert said the expectations for chancellor and board should be laid out from the start, and from there communication is key.

The search for chancellor has its own controversy because some people want the search suspended until PCC gets a new board.

Lambert says he's committed to fairness and being open and honest with colleagues.

"It's easier said than done, as you know, but start from that value and then try to see how we can continue to create engagement opportunities between and among all constituents," Lambert said.

Lambert believes he's uniquely fit to be the PCC Chancellor.

Lambert said he recently helped his college through its accreditation review.
Every college goes through that, but Lambert says the standards have changed and he knows how to get to those standards.

Some people want to hold off on the chancellor search because they want to kick out some board members.

Lambert says the college doesn't have any time to waste and he helped quell tensions when he came to his current college.

"Name calling, people who weren't willing to talk to each other.. there were tensions among even the senior leadership team," he said.

After the public meeting, Lambert met with the governing board.

Candidate Terrence Burgess will have his forum Tuesday, Greg Smith will meet with the public Oan Wednesday, and the final forum will feature candidate Lenora Etna Webb.

The meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Board Room (C-105) of PCC's District Office, 4905 E. Broadway.

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