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Pima Animal Care Center hires first full-time adoption coordinator

(Source: Pima Animal Care Center) (Source: Pima Animal Care Center)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

She owns two pit bulls, used to have a pet rooster, and is now the first full-time pet adoption coordinator for the Pima Animal Care Center.

Ellie Beaubien received a citation from the Pima Animal Care Center for having a rooster in an urban environment, brought the rooster to the Humane Society, and saw the "We're hiring" notice that began her career.

Beaubien has served as Pima Animal Care Center Shelter Supervisor since 2009. She said that experience gave her a driving force to save more animals.

Now her focus as a full-time adoption coordinator is to find homes for animals at the Silverbell adoption center location and at off-site events, such as baseball games, home shows, fairs and storefronts.

The shelter currently participates in a few off-site adoption events per month, though Beaubien plans to make it a more regular occurrence.

Beaubien said she likes the job's challenges.

"There's nothing stagnant about this environment. There's something new and exciting every day." 

"Dwell in possibility" is the phrase that can be read on a placard over her desk.

"The possibilities really are endless, so why not embrace them?" she asks.

For volunteer inquiries, or if you would like some animals at an event, contact Beaubien at (520) 243-5962.

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