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Cucumber concerns: salmonella outbreak reaches 18 states

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Nogales vegetable produce warehouse was placed on an import alert list by the FDA after a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers.

So far, FDA officials say 73 people in 18 states have reported becoming sick after eating cucumbers.

Fourteen of them were hospitalized and nine of those who got sick live here in Arizona.

Tonight, we went straight to the company, who is now under close scrutiny by the FDA.
Most of the people who got sick ate the cucumbers between the months of January and early April.

Tricar officials would not let us into their produce warehouse, saying FDA officials and lab techs were working in there, sampling products.

This company ships produce out all over the country. Cucumbers are a big part of their sales. Officials say they are taking measures to ensure all of their produce is salmonella free.
"We keep our warehouse at 42 degrees, or 48 to 50 degrees in other rooms, depending on the product and maintain cleanliness at all times."

He says now that the warehouse has distributed these cucumbers, he has to contact all of his customers and educate them that they are on FDA Import Alert.

Tricar staff said they are just linked to this outbreak and there is no direct evidence showing the cucumbers came from their warehouse. All of that is under investigation at this time.
Tucson News Now is told that none of the cucumbers on store shelves today are linked to this specific salmonella outbreak.

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