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Woman swarmed by hundreds of bees

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A woman was swarmed by hundreds of bees on Tucson's east side late Thursday afternoon. 

The attack happened on the sidewalk in front of Golf N' Stuff at 6503 E. Tanque Verde Road.

The woman walked across a bridge over a wash and was instantly attacked. A person driving by saw the woman swatting at the bees and called 911.

Crews from the Tucson Fire Department responded and found the woman covered from head to toe in bees.

Crews sprayed the woman with foam and water to try and get the bees off of her.

Firefighters performed a "scoop and go" after spraying her down. They backed a medic vehicle up to her, picked her up and placed her inside.

"Luckily she wasn't allergic, if she would have been allergic it would have been a totally different situation," firefighter Jason Adler said.

"She was just more in a lot of pain and we got her to the hospital as quick as we could."

Exterminators found the hive in the wash in front of the Golf N' Stuff. It had thousands of bees and was at least three-feet deep in a crack.

"As soon as they find a cavity that they like, they will start producing wax immediately," said Joshua Tennenbaum from Arizona Pest Control.

The hive was cleared a couple hours after the incident.

The manger at Golf N' Stuff closed all of the outdoor activities for the day as a safety precaution.

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