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Downtown developments: where will they grocery shop?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

By some estimates, there's up to $900 million in capital being invested in downtown Tucson right now. By this fall, the sidewalks will be filled with thousands of college students.

There's no doubt that downtown is going through a rebirth not seen in half a century, but the question remains: where will they grocery shop?

"It's the chicken or the egg: you get the people [but] they're not going to come if there [are] not good services; You don't have services, you don't get people. But we're not getting to the other side of the equation, where that's getting a much harder look."

Sit down restaurants and grocery stores are critical keys for any development. Tucson has more than one dozen sit down restaurants opening soon but has not been able to achieve the critical mass to attract a grocery store.

But that's changing.

"Once they see a certain density then they're willing to come. As we get closer to that density, we can start talking to them about certain transactions that can be made that may lure then a little soon than they want to come."

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