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Gohmert speaks on gun control debate


The NRA and gun control continue to be a lightning rod for proponents and opponents and congressman Louie Gohmert added his opinion to the issue. Gohmert says the gun control issue is far from over and there is a lot constitutionally at stake. Guns and the control of them, and the second amendment remain the focus of support and protestor at the NRA convention in Houston.

"Its everyone's right to protest expected that. The nation was founded by people who have a passion for liberty and that includes the right to bear arms," Gohmert says.

That right has come into question in recent times.

"All of the mass killings in the last few years have been in gun free areas. Sandy Hook. So many precious children heroic teachers , administrators killed senselessly, after that how there was a rush to produce legislation. How the proponents even admit it would not have changed the outcome at Sandy Hook," says the congressman.

Stricter gun control has become a political hot button in Washington. For all of those who believe in the second amendment , its now about protecting the entire constitution.

"All of the bill of rights at one time or another have been under assault. The media tried to paint it as the majority of Americans want this, it was the majority of liberal media that want this," he says.

Gohmert says stricter gun laws , will only hurt law abiding gun owners, and do nothing to keep them out of the hands of criminals.

"So why don't we go back and start enforcing the laws we have," Gohmert says.

Gohmert was in Longview to be the keynote speaker at the Letourneau university commencement ceremonies.

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