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LIVE STREAM: Watch the solar eclipse

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A spectacular solar eclipse can be seen live online. will broadcast the event, which will be seen in the sky over Australia, beginning at 2:30PM Tucson Time. will begin their broadcast at 2PM Tucson Time.


The only part of the United States that will see the eclipse in the sky is Hawaii.

Interactive Google Map of the Eclipse

But even Hawaii will not see the best of this celestial event as the Pacific Ocean location is at the northern edge of the viewing limit. 

The event is known as an annular solar eclipse. 

An annular solar eclipse is when the moon moves in between the Earth and sun, blocking out the sun's rays. However the moon is not big enough in the sky to completely cover the disk of the sun. 

At the height of the eclipse the moon appears to be ringed with fire.

This ring is known as an annulus. 

Learn more about different types of eclipses in this Weather 101 story.

Below is a series of images from a 2012 annular eclipse. 

The image at the lower right is the full eclipse with the ring of fire surrounding the moon. 

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