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An open letter of thanks from Chuck George

To know that so many people wish me well is heartwarming, the kind of love that is so strong I can actually feel it physically. I am responding to emails and Facebook posts slowly, but in case I miss responding to yours, please accept this as thanks.

For those of you who shared with me that you have gone through bouts of depression or that you have someone in your life who has, thank you. Knowledge of the "Big D" in other people helps me continue to heal. For those of you who shared your words of love even though depression hasn't touched you personally, I am especially grateful. Your willingness to understand is marvelous.

I'd like to remind you that there is help if you have a mood disorder such as depression. Recognizing you have it is the first step for us. Are you having trouble focusing? Are you melancholy about your achievements? Do you feel a weight on you that makes getting out of bed feel like running a marathon? Do you feel deep darkness in the midst of happy people doing fun things? If so, you may be depressed. I'm not a doctor, I'm a patient. Here's how to find an expert who can help you take the first step into recovery:

The Crisis Hotline is at 622-6000 (toll-free number is 1-800-796-6762).  

Walk-ins are welcome at the Crisis Response Center at 2802 E. District Street and at the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation (SAMHC) at 2502 N. Dodge Boulevard.

And, if you think my story will help someone you know, it's here.

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