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Families still hopeful to find missing Southern AZ children

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Watching the coverage in Cleveland is bringing hope to many local families with loved ones who have disappeared, and who still have no answers to this day.
Many of these families gather at Children's Memorial Park once a year to remember their loved ones who have disappeared.

It's a pain they say never goes away. Many are still hopeful their loved ones, too, will someday be found.
Peggy Florey and her daughter, Pamela still hold on to hope. Their brother, Randy Parscale, disappeared 34 years ago while they were hiking in Oracle. He was only ten years old.
"Being able to relate with what's going on with that family, you're hoping that the outcome is much more successful than what we've had," said Pamela Brume. Her brother has been missing for decades. "We're talking about 34 years with my brother."

"I have hope that someday I'll know," Peggy Florey said. "I believe with my heart [that] it was an abduction, although first handled as a loss."
Jimmy Hendrickson is another child who disappeared 22 years ago. Sister Tammy Tacho believes he's still alive.
"You doubt sometimes. God, just give me some type of sign. But when you see other children found, it gives you more hope he is alive and will come home. We're hopeful right now, more hopeful than yesterday," Tacho said.
Like these families, the website for missing and exploited children is filled with dozens of heartbreaking stories.

Dozens of faces of children who disappeared, whether it's one year, ten or twenty: for families in pain, the search for answers will never stop.
"There's always that hope if they don't hope they're alive, they'd at least like to know what happened," Homicide Survivors Director Carol Gaxiola said.

There are ten missing children on that website from Southern Arizona. All of those cases are still open at our local police and sheriff's departments. Anyone with information is asked to call 88-CRIME.

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