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Pool season, drowning calls begin early this year

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Fire crews are reacting after three drowning calls already this year; they are sharing PSAs and calling on adults to keep their eyes on the kids at all times when around swimming pools.    

So far crews have responded to three potential drowning calls, two in city limits and one on the northwest side that turned deadly.

Tucson Fire and Northwest Fire are dusting off the PSAs, both in English and Spanish.  The focus of the videos is adult attention, and how quickly a child can go under, without making a splash or letting out a cry.

They say an adult should be watching at all times, not just present outside or distracted, but actively watching.

Crews also emphasize that these three drowning happened relatively early in the season, in the first week of May before school is even out or before temperatures climb into the triple digits.  Rescue officials are saying the potential has not hit its peak yet.

Fire crews recommend adults learn CPR, but be careful, because the type that they have learned may not be the correct one for drowning. 

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