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Locals hospitalized after weekend bee attack

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(Source: Stephen Buchmann) (Source: Stephen Buchmann)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A family of five is recovering from the latest bee attack over the weekend in the Catalina Mountains.

Crews rescued four adults and a six-year-old boy who was stung more than 100 times at Linda Vista Loop in Oro Valley.

He and two others were taken to the hospital.

This marks the fifth major bee attack in Southern Arizona over the past two months, and two of these attacks involved hikers.

Bee experts blame the weather for the spike in bee attacks this year, and many are happening in the mountains and hiking trails around Tucson.

Because we had a dry fall and wet spring, the reproduction of the honeybee colonies was thrown off, meaning there are more Africanized bees. They're sticking around longer and you are more prone to getting attacked.

This is one of the two busiest bee seasons of the year; the other one happens in October. The reason why we've seen so many attacks in the desert is because no one is really out monitoring them.

"The difference is that in the neighborhoods, they're being found, they're being eliminated [and] they're being taken care of. When you have area like rock faces, who is in charge of it?"

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