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Tropical Storm Alvin spinning in Pacific, west of Mexico

Tropical Storm Alvin formed Wednesday, which was the first day of the East Pacific Ocean Hurricane Season. 

On Thursday morning the storm was just over 700 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. 

The National Hurricane Center is tracking the system, which is forecasted to move off to the west-northwest. 

Check the latest forecast here.

The East Pacific Ocean Hurricane Season runs through November 30th. 

The names for the storms this year are listed below.  

The names are assigned in alphabetical order and alternate male to female back to male. 

The East Pacific Ocean tropical forecast area stretches from the west coast of Mexico, down the coast of Latin America, and westward towards Hawaii. 

The key to the start of the hurricane season is ocean surface temperatures.

For a tropical storm or hurricane to form the ocean surface temperature needs to be about 26°C, which is about 78.8°F. 

The warm ocean water is what provides the energy needed for the storm to form and sustain itself as a tropical system.  

The East Pacific Ocean on-average sees 15 named storms each year with 9 hurricanes and 4 of those becoming major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher. 

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