PCC's largest graduating class in years, happening tonight

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - This evening at the TucsonConvention Center PCC students will receive their diplomas, and there will beeven more graduates today than ever before; it might also be the highest Tucsonwill see for a while.

In 2013 3,700 graduateswill walk the stage today, 100 more than last year. The oldest graduate is 70years old, the youngest 17.

Pima officials say thatthis is the same all across the country. When the economy is bad, community colleges see a spike.  People take classes or get degrees to becomemore appealing employees.

The record numbers at Pimathis year, that won't be the same two or three years from now.

Graduation tonight is at 7p.m.

The question for many isare they staying in Tucson, or going on to a four year school, or going into anindustry.

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