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A look at Wednesday's severe weather in Texas

A cut off low that has been giving southeastern Arizona some clouds, rain and cooler weather the past week pushed off into Texas and tapped into deep moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This created unstable air from Wichita Falls, Texas down toward the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and produced violent weather through the evening. At least 13 tornadoes touched down and numerous reports of wind and hail also accompanied these storms. The largest tornado from Wednesday night was an EF4 with winds anywhere from 166 to 200 miles per hour, strong enough to lift a home right off the foundation. This tornado was located near Granbury, Texas (Hood county), just southwest of Fort Worth and killed six people. Over one hundred people were treated for injuries with many people being treated for critical injuries. Below is an actual picture of how violent these storms were, that is hail the size of grapefruit, nearly 4 inches!


The good news for that part of the country is things are much quieter today and expected to remain quiet as we go through the weekend and even into next week. Our weather will remain quiet and also get cooler, highs into the 80s this weekend and no 100 degree days forecasted!

Click here for a slide show of the severe weather in Texas: http://yourphotos.dallas.cbslocal.com/189971133


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