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Money for nothing?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Sarah Hightower Hill has 73 complaints against businesses she was affiliated with.

"I haven't been working for more than a year. Those businesses are closed down," she said.

When we tracked Hill down, she seemed surprised to hear about all those complaints. Her clients say she was supposed to help them get high-paying jobs, but she says she made no guarantees.

So far, there have been at least 70 complaints against her three most recent businesses and the Better Business Bureau says there could be more complaints because its records only go back three years.

Hightower is based out of Tucson, but clients come from across the country. Their complaints are all similar.

"They felt like they weren't getting their money's worth, or in some cases, when the company would go out of business, they would disappear and consumers weren't able to get refunds," a BBB representative said.

Jeff Abbot is still paying off credit card debt in hopes of getting a job. He used Chandler Hill Partners back in 2008 when he moved to Tucson.

"I became angry," Abbot said. "I'm not a person to suffer fools."

Abbot paid $7,500 and attended a ten week program in a Foothills complex. He calls the whole thing "useless."

"Basically, all these sessions were a recapitulation of what I had done as my homework," he said.

Abbot says they ultimately handed him stationary and told him to send off his own resume and cover letters."They continued to have promise of when we're going to do this campaign for you."

Hightower defends her companies' business practices, saying she has placed clients in top notch jobs, but couldn't tell us how.

"If you're the CEO, can't you just tell us why, what preparation you gave people?" Tucson News Now's Matt Mendes asked.

"Yes, I can and I'd be happy to do that, but I think another time is more appropriate," Hightower said.

"Why not now?"

"Because it's a bad time for me," she said.

Hightower says the BBB has her company mixed up with Career Solutions.

Sure enough, the BBB found three complaints that may have been sent to Hightower by mistake, but that still leaves 73 complaints against Hightower's companies.

Right now, the BBB is trying to track down Hightower to get her to answer to some of the latest complaints.

As for Abbot: he just wants a refund.

"She can write me a check for the amount that I paid her because there was zero value delivered to me."

If you're skeptical about a company, check out the BBB's website here.

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