Ex-Tucson Fire Captain fights to restore rank

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - We have learned new details in the case of a former Tucson Fire Captain accused of sexually assaulting one of his firefighters while on the clock.

Roger Tamietti Junior -- who also goes by Sloan -- was demoted back in November. He's now fighting to get his rank back.

Tamietti has been waiting to learn his fate as a fire captain since his demotion in January. We've learned he went through the process to become certified as a captain within the last couple of months and he's also challenging his demotion with the civil services.

On Monday, a panel is expected to decide whether to give him his captain rank back.

"I'm confident that we've shown Sloan did nothing wrong," said Mike Storie, an attorney for Tamietti.

Documents Tucson News Now obtained from the city show Tamietti is accused of physically and sexually assaulting one of his firefighters three times back in November. It's a claim Tamietti's attorney disputes.

"There was nothing sexual about it," said Storie. "It was like my kids do when they wrestle on the couch."

The documents reveal the victim who we are not identifying says Tamietti straddled and grinded against him. Then later that day, it alleges Tamietti hit the victim on his behind. Then while the victim was sitting at a computer, he says Tamietti came up next to him, put one leg up on the desk and placed his private area against the victim's head.

"He never admitted he rubbed his private areas anywhere near this guy," said Storie.

Now Tamietti is also facing three misdemeanor charges and the city has already dished out $125,000 to the victim in a sexual harassment claim.

"I can't speak for whoever made the decision to write this huge check," said Storie. "I can guarantee they have not been watching what's been going on in our hearing."

No one from Tucson Fire or the city would talk about this case because it's an ongoing investigation.

In addition to the demotion, Tamietti was suspended for 10 days. Matt Mendes will be attending Monday's hearing and bring you any new late breaking developments.

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