Vail high schools kicking off graduations this week

VAIL, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Summer vacation is just afew days away that means it's time for high school students to put on theircaps and gowns.  Graduations acrossTucson start today.

Pantano High School kicksthings off with their graduation tonight, with the three remaining Vail schoolsholding their ceremonies this week, one each over the next four days.  That will bring the graduate total for Vail to660 students.

Vail District officialstell Tucson News Now that they are seeing students perform better inclassrooms, thanks to what they call 'Commit to Graduate'.

Up on the wall in theschool office are lists of colleges where these graduating students will beheading to.  The district is anticipatinggraduating classes to get bigger and bigger. Overall Vail schools are expecting four percent more students in the nextschool year.   The district is takingthis increase in stride, by building a middle school and expanding elementaryschools with more classrooms.

Graduations kick offtonight with Pantano High School students walking at 6:30 p.m. tonight.

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