More high school graduates skipping college, direct to job market

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - College graduations may be smaller in the future, as new numbers show more high school graduates are skipping college and entering the job market.

Graduations kick off this week in Tucson and surrounding communities, as Vail kicks off the graduations tonight.  Tucson Unified School District is holding many of its graduations on Thursday.  What is in store for these graduates?

National trends show more students are opting to give up college applications for job applications.

The college enrollment rate, that is high school graduates that are enrolling in higher education the same year they graduate high school, is dropping.

In the past year the rate has dropped to its lowest since 2006.  Analysts say this low rate suggests some graduates are becoming more confident about their job prospects.

In the past few years, national unemployment peaked at ten percent.  The construction industry imploded meaning fewer jobs for young men looking for work right out of high school.

In those same few years students insulated themselves, 'hiding out' in college, waiting for the recession to end.

It also appears that a future of student debt is causing some to second guess whether they can afford a bachelors degree.

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