Many subsidies in Pima County Budget

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Pima Animal Care Center has 25,000 animals which pass through the facility each year.

Licenses, adoption fees and other services don't make enough money to pay the bills.

So the county takes $2 million out of the general fund- taxpayer money- to make things work out budget-wise.

"To recover out full subside we'd have to double or even more than that our license fees," says Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. "But increasing licensing fees increases non compliance."

Huckelberry says it likely saves money in the long run even though it doesn't appear that way on paper.

"We'd much rather have people comply and keep their animal's safe and vaccinated to prevent public health issues related to rabies," he says.

The county will also pump an extra $2.7 million into the stadium district fund.

There was a lot of fanfare when the county opened its $36 million Kino Sports Complex (Tucson Electric Park at the time) in 1996.

But spring training baseball has come and gone since then,

But paying for it still remains.

Kino does generate revenue, $2.2 million.

But add up all the costs and in comes to more than $5 million.

Still, the county feels since it's one of the most used parks in Pima County it should be treated like any other park.

"That's been our transition and we're going to reach a happy balance within two or three years," he says.

"What is not paid for by professional sports and concessions will be paid for by the Pima County General Fund and we'll basically make it a regional park." Huckelberry says.

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