BBB offers tips to help prevent donation scams

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Better Business Bureau and BBB Wise Giving Alliancehave provided tips for the public to be wary of potential donation organizationscams.

In the wake of the devastation in Moore, Okla. this week,the BBB says more people are likely to give but should research their optionsfirst.

"After every natural disasterand manmade catastrophe, we see an outpouring of generosity, along with theinevitable scams and frauds," said Art Taylor, president and CEO of the BBBWise Giving Alliance. "We urge donors to take the time to make sure theirdonations are going to legitimate charities that can do the most good for thosein need."

The BBB suggests to be cautious of onlinedonation outlets through unsolicited spam messages, emails and other posts thatclaim to link to a relief organization. The best alternative is to go directlyto the charity's website.

Also, bloggers and third-party recommendationsfrom websites may not be completely dependable, as the source may not havefully researched the relief organization. Visit for the BBB list of charities and relief organizations that areBBB accredited and which meet the 20 Standards for Charity accountability.

To donate to a Southern Arizona charity, donations can bemade through the BBB Accredited Charity World Care, based in Tucson. There aremany ZanesLaw or AFamily Discount Storage  Tucson drop-offlocations. Tucson News Now has partnered with World Care to help with the reliefeffort. Donation items and location information is in the attached link.

Be cautious of organizations that claim 100 percent offunds will be donated for the relief effort, according to a news release.Charities have fundraising and administrative costs, much like a credit carddonation involves a processing fee.

The BBB stresses the importance of asking questions. Findout if the charity has an on-the-ground presence in the impacted areas, askabout transportation and distribution plans, and check out if the organizationprovides direct aid or if it is raising money for other groups.

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