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Grab a fishing pole and cool off at Sedona's Rainbow Trout Farm


CBS 5 News is highlighting different places to go this summer to escape the heat of the Valley, and this "elevation vacation" might be perfect for the entire family.

Sedona's Rainbow Trout Farm is located in Oak Creek Canyon, just outside of the town Sedona.

"When you're coming up the Canyon, as soon as you hit a certain spot, you can feel it cool down. You're talking about 5 to 10 degrees difference sometimes," said Christopher Rose from Sedona's Rainbow Trout Farm.

It's a fun place to catch fish, but you do not need to be an expert fisherman to have great luck.

The pond is stocked with rainbow trout. The fish trout are hatched and raised in a small hatchery in back of the pond.

Kids can expect to catch a fish within minutes, which can make the experience exciting for young children.

"I like to see the fish around and I like to feed them and catch a lot of them," said Isabel Ornelas, a very young angler.

For one dollar, the trout farm provides visitors with a fishing pole, bucket and bait. Visitors pay for each fish they catch, and there is no catch and release.

The farm has 14 grills where people can cook their fish. If they don't want to clean their fish, employees can do it for them for 50 cents each.

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