High school graduation ceremony in Tucson Hospital for special young man

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's been a full week of graduations.

Thousands taking part Thursday night.

And tonight, a couple more ceremonies, but none like this.

This graduation was not a school, but inside a Tucson hospital.

A of people dropped everything to make it happen in the lobby of Diamond Children's.

Once you meet Angel Rodriguez, you'll know why they would do anything for this young man.

Applause erupts as Angel appears in the lobby of Diamond Children's, brought in a wheelchair from his hospital room.

Angel's mother, Ana Rodriguez, clutches a rose as she greets her son with two kisses.

"Congratulations. I love you," she says.

"That's my mama, everybody," Angel announces to more applause.

Of course, this is angel's mama.

No mother could be more proud of her son.

"Been waiting 18 years to see him walk through that stage and receive his diploma. So I'm so excited. I'm so happy that he's graduating," Ana says.

Angel was born with a condition that causes bleeding in his brain.

It put him in the hospital again two months ago.

When he couldn't be with his pueblo magnet high school classmates at graduation Thursday night, his graduation came to him.

Family, friends and teachers all gathered at diamond children's for angel.

"He's overcome quite a bit to be here today and even now that he's awake and able to talk to us and share this moment with us. So for me, I'm not just proud, I'm overwhelmed," says Pueblo Teacher Rebecca Baltos.

Pueblo Principal Vivi Watt shares a story with the gathering.

She tells them she received an email one day from a woman who wanted Watt to know something.

Watt says the woman wrote, "'I was in Walgreens on the corner of Ajo and 12th and one of your Pueblo students helped me carry my bags to the car and his name was Angel Rodriguez. And I just want to tell you what a wonderful young man he is.'"

"And that's our Angel," Watt says as the applause begins yet again.

Then the big moment.

Watt and Assistant Principal Kathi Shaw stand next to Angel.

Watt hands Angel his diploma.

"I'm very proud today to present you with your high school diploma from the class of 2013," Watt says.

Angel is beaming.

"I'm going to be going to say, hey, you know what. I did it."

Yes, he did.

Angel's mama has faith.

"I know God is powerful and he creates miracles. So my faith is with God. And I leave it in his hands. And I know that Angel will do well," she says.

Angel's teacher, Rebecca Baltos says Angel is caring, always sharing a joke, a laugh, a smile.

They all are there for him on this day.

He is their inspiration.

"I hope everybody knows that I'm going to make it to the U of A," Angel says.

The 2013 graduating class of Pueblo High School is now complete.

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