Half dozen suspects indicted following FBI raid

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A half dozen people wereindicted in federal court this afternoon following an FBI raid that an attorney claims to have been a government set-up.

According to an attorney who is representing one of the six suspects,the federal government planted this sting. A confidential informant told thesuspects there were a lot of drugsinside, creating a perfect opportunity to rip off the place. But, the attorneysays that was a lie to lure them in. There were no drugs, but a lot of federalagents instead.

More than one dozen FBIagents and Tucson police spent hours searching a garage where five people werearrested and another person turned himself in on Thursday.

Today, they faced afederal judge who told them they were arrested for conspiracy and intent todistribute 2,500 pounds of marijuana, as well as using a firearm to commit afelony.

"The government setthis up," said attorney, Rafael Gallego. "2,500 pounds of marijuana to bestolen."

Tucson News Now was toldthere are two more people involved in this case, although it's unclear if theyhave been arrested.

The suspects are due back infederal court next week.

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