World Care receives countless donations, now needs volunteers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Thanks to Tucson's generosity, World Care has collected many items for victims who lost everything after the tornado in Oklahoma.

Now World Care is desperately in need of volunteers this week to process all of the supplies they have received.  They are looking for 50-100 volunteers a day to sort through items.

two world care staffmembers are getting ready to board an early morning flight to Oklahoma.. to geta first hand look at how we can help.

World Care staff will be visiting the areas devastated by this tornado. To find out what's needed, and what we can do, to help residents rebuild their lives in Oklahoma.

"I've beenso overwhelmed," Said World Care Project Manager Gwen Corner. "Such an amazing response from Tucson."

Severalrooms at the World Care headquarters are now filled with boxes and boxes fullof items, with volunteers already working hard to sort through the donations.

"There's alot of stuff people will be able to use," World Care volunteer Andrew Chen said.

But more volunteers are desperately needed.

At least 21palletts are now ready to be loaded on to semis. Staff hope to get these onthe road by the end of teh week. Gwen Corner will be heading there earlyWednesday to see the damage for herself and to see what is badly needed by survivors in Oklahoma.

"We aregoing to see some hard stuff: town wiped out, not a pleasant sight.  I'msure it will be a good feeling to see people already on the groundhelping."

Tucson hasalready risen to the occasion by dropping off all these supplies.. staff atWorld Care are hoping you'll rise to the occasion.. once again.. by showing upto volunteer.. they're hopeful to see a big turnout.

"I thinkit's fantastic; fantastic what Tucson is all about," said World Care Founder Lisa Hopper. "They definitely riseto the occasion."

Ifyou'd like to volunteer you can show up at world care headquarters at 338 E.Ellington Place starting at 9 tomorrow.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they'll beworking from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m  to 6 p.m.

You can also call themat (520) 514-1588.

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