Arizona to pursue Planned Parenthood appeal

PHOENIX (AP) - A U.S. Supreme Court decision not to consider reversing an appeals court ruling blocking Indiana from cutting Medicaid finds to Planned Parenthood won't stop Arizona from appealing a similar ruling.

The Arizona Legislature passed a law last year blocking funding for non-abortion health care provided by Planned Parenthood doctors and clinics because the group also provides abortions. U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake blocked that law in February, ruling it violates Medicaid law.

The Arizona attorney general's office is appealing to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. A spokeswoman says that continues despite Tuesday's Supreme Court decision that upheld a 7th Circuit ruling blocking Indiana's law.

Wake noted the Indiana ruling in his decision.

He ordered Arizona to pay $215,000 to Planned Parenthood for legal fees on May 13.

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