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Lack of transparency could be costly for Tucson

Plans to bring a Grand Canyon University campus to Tucson have hit a major snag.  

The El Rio Golf Course on the west side has been losing money.  And city leaders thought it would be a great location for a branch of Grand Canyon University. 

But the city did not discuss those plans with neighborhood groups.  And those residents are understandably angry.

The city says it wants to be transparent.  But that means it can't do deals behind closed doors.

KOLD News 13 has asked and has not received documents pertaining to this proposal.  And citizens have now filed suit - requesting the same.

Let's hope this latest Tucson mess won't keep GCU out of the Tucson area.  The university would bring hundreds of jobs and would benefit all.  It's now up to TREO to find another site, or GCU might turn to other communities like Oro Valley.

In the meantime, Tucson needs to learn that it can't say one thing and do another.   

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