World Care sends first Tucson donations to OK

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - World Care is about one-third of the way done with sending emergency relief supplies to Oklahoma, butit is in need of more volunteers and donations.

They sent their firsttruck load to the devastated area Thursday afternoon.

They loaded a big rig with20,000 pounds with things like medical supplies, canned food and hygiene items.

Right now, World Care hastwo people in Moore, Okla. We were able to Skype with one of them recently. They'retrying to figure out what those victims need the most.

The truck that left todayis expected to arrive Saturday morning.

From there, it will helpmany people, including families, in smaller areas outside of Moore that aren'tgetting as much attention.

"It's going to help atleast 5 to 6,000 people at a time. Depending on what types of products arebeing used, it could be more. But the good news is everything we're sending iseverything they need."

"You see thedevastation on television but you don't realize how much of it there is. Yousee these small pockets but it's really more than just the pockets; it hitsmiles."

People  there are bracing for more severe weather thisweek.

The two World Care workersin Okla. have been in shelters all day because of that tornado watch, but theysay it won't affect the distribution of your supplies because the truck won'tget there until this weekend when the tornado watch will be long over.

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