Senator Flake busy as immigration bill he helped draft, up for debate

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The debate over immigration reform will be heating up onceagain as the bill gets ready to head to the Senate.

This will definitely be a busy time for Senator Flake overthe next week or so.  The Immigrationreform bill made it out of the Judiciary Committee last week and is scheduled fordebate in the Senate starting the week of June 10.

Senator Flake is one of the members of the 'Gang of Eight'that helped draw up the bill, so over the next week he and others will try anddo their best to convince their fellow lawmakers to vote for the bill.

Supporters say they should have enough votes to get the billthrough the Senate, but if it gets to the House the picture there is a littleless clear.

So Tucsonans can expect to start hearing more on theimmigration reform bill next weeks as the debate gets ready to hit the Senateonce again.

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