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New website lets AZ patients compare hospital prices


It's a new tool to help patients make better decisions about their healthcare.

State health officials have rolled out a new website that lets you compare what hospitals charge for different procedures.

It also shows how medical facilities rank in various healthcare specialties. 

The site allows users to compare cost and care on everything from childbirth to hip replacement to asthma care.

"While this information has been available before, it really has never been available in a format that the average consumer can use," said Will Humble, director of Arizona's department of health services. "That's what this information provides."

The website lets users see exactly what a hospital charges for a specific procedure and how the price compares to other facilities

Just like shopping for a new car, the site will allow patients the opportunity to look around for the best care and best deal, said hospital data manager Donna Courtney.

"What this can do for you is, it arms you with information you can go to a hospital and say, 'look, I know it costs this, you charge that, I want to negotiate my rate.'"

Austin Lee is a freelance photographer, who doesn't have health insurance.vHe told CBS-5 News that having access to healthcare costs could save him a lot of money. 

"I find that just having the internet to compare prices on everything else, saves me money," said Lee. "Why shouldn't I be able to compare prices on healthcare? That is nothing but a good thing."

To access the AZ Hospital Compare website go to

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